You'll also see why cinnamon is one of the healthiest spices in the world", 992 Moringa And Cinnamon Powder Suppliers & Exporters in Nigeria Soladia Investment Nigeria Limited Soladia Export is an integral division of soladia investment Nigeria Limited specialize in sales of agricultural product such as cashew nut, bitter kola, cocoa, … "@id": "" { } Cinnamon has long been considered an aphrodisiac spice. Sprinkle the salt and cinnamon powder in the flour mix and combine. I supply both, at whole prices from kaduna, kano at wholesale prices. SPLENDID September 6, 2017. "name": "Benefit of Cinnamon & Where to Buy Cinnamon in Nigeria (Cheap! What is the igbo name of, basil, clove, cinnamon, hyssop, rosemary, agrimonia. By  cutting the risk of common heart disease like high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels and high bad cholesterol levels. Cinnamon contains several natural compounds that wrestle against dangerous levels of inflammation in the body. Legend Tea & Herbs Green Tea & Cinnamon price from jumia in Nigeria. { CINNAMON USES AND HEALTH BENEFITS. /* ]]> */ (function(e){"use strict";if(!e.loadCSS){e.loadCSS=function(){}}var t=loadCSS.relpreload={};{var t;try{t=e.document.createElement("link").relList.supports("preload")}catch(e){t=false}return function(){return t}}();t.bindMediaToggle=function(e){var||"all";function a(){}if(e.addEventListener){e.addEventListener("load",a)}else if(e.attachEvent){e.attachEvent("onload",a)}setTimeout(function(){e.rel="stylesheet";"only x"});setTimeout(a,3e3)};t.poly=function(){if({return}var a=e.document.getElementsByTagName("link");for(var n=0;n { Cinnamon spice should be one of the spices that should be found in your kitchen cabinet because, as we have seen, it’s one of the most delicious and beneficial spices on planet earth. }, } 47. These sticks are then further grounded to form cinnamon powder. Cinnamon is available in either its whole quill form (cinnamon sticks) or as ground powder, which can be found on supermarket shelves. "publisher": { The Latest news in Nigeria and world news. Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum. "@type": "Organization", They are: Ceylon cinnamon: Also referred to as "true" cinnamon. I believe you love this post on cinnamon medicinal benefits; let us hear from you via the comment box below. } 1. The leaves are veined and … Nigerian Herbal Remedies: Herbal Treatments For All Disease Do you still doubt the healing power of Nigerian herbs? Information is power, at Spycroc University, we believe life is the best teacher, in as much as you're alive, learning is inevitable. Cinnamon is a great healthy alternative to sugar because of its naturally sweet taste. Also, cinnamon can prevent GI tract infection removing harmful bacteria in the intestines. Cinnamon has been linked with the regulation of blood pressure. Also, cinnamon encourages production of collagen, which can make the skin   look firmer and younger [18]. And the faster your metabolism the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off.Also, cinnamons helps in lowering blood sugar, which is another important weight loss factor. Instead of sugar, use cinnamon in your teas, meals and recipes. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Local Name For Cinnamon Nigeria Cinnamon is not a herb native to Nigeria. Use of cinnamon is an environmentally friendly way to deal with mosquitoes and other insects (or pest)Although cinnamaldehyde, the chemical responsible for the aroma of the spice may be pleasant to you, however, it is toxic to insects and pest.One study confirms that cinnamon oil can repel mosquitoes and kill their hatchlings [21]. 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Note: if the cinnamon label doesn’t indicate which type it is, then it’s most like Cassia because it’s the more common variety and the cheaper of the two. cinnamon is also an antibacterial, which makes it a promising treatment for eczema and acne, and a homemade facial exfoliating scrub. Due to the cinnamon’s protective antioxidant properties, it has been shown to protect the brain from various neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases [6].Also, since Cinnamon contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, it helps to slow down the effect of ageing on both the brain and body. The distinct scent, colour and flavour of cinnamon come from the oily part of the tree, which is rich in the compound cinnamaldehyde [1]. You can buy cinnamon if you're anywhere in Nigeria >> Here, or in Any Major Supermarket in Nigeria (Check the spice section). "@type": "BlogPosting", ","empty_password":"ERROR: The password field is empty. Cinnamon has a wide range of wonderful benefits for the skin. It belongs to the family Lauraceae and there are more than 250 species and sub species. On this post, we shall look at cinnamon medicinal benefits and usage in Nigeria. You see, cinnamon contains a compound called coumarin, which becomes potentially dangerous when eaten too much. Cinnamon helps break gas in the intestine causing in order to cure diarrhea, it also helps to cure morning sickness and … Studies have shown cinnamon to be beneficial to the heart health. Nigerian Diseases & Symptoms | Top List of Common Diseases In Nigeria & Their Symptoms, Alligator Pepper Uses In Nigeria | How To Use Alligator Pepper To Improve Your Health, Hives Natural Remedies {INARUN} | How To Cure Nettle Rash With Nigerian Herbs, Nigerian Herbs And Their Uses | Complete List Of Nigerian Herbs, Shea Butter Uses | Amazing Uses If Ori Amo, Ewedu Health Benefits | Top Reasons Why You Should Start Eating Ewedu, Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure in Nigeria | HBP Herbs - Ogun Eje Riru, Scent Leaf Medicinal Benefits | Amazing Health Benefits Of Efinrin Leaves, Nigerian Herbal Remedies | Here Is The Complete List Of Nigerian Herbs For All Diseases, ED Remedy In Nigeria | How To Cure ED Permanently With Agbo JediJedi, Cinnamon can be used as spice for cooking, Powder can be used as spice or added to drinks. ), (Enter Your E-mail address below and click on the button), Benefit of Cinnamon & Where to Buy Cinnamon in Nigeria (Cheap! A lot of folks have made a hubbub about whether or not your cinnamon is real. Cassia cinnamon contains way higher amount of coumarin compared to Ceylon cinnamon with just a trace of it. 1. )","post_type":"post","post_url":"https:\/\/\/where-to-buy-cinnamon-in-nigeria\/","is_lp":""}; /* ]]> */ /*