So I am going again with Thermador, and adding Bosch for some other appliances. Frigidaire delivers an impressive induction range at an affordable price point, making this 30” appliance our best overall value. So cool! We had to turn off the circuit breaker. The next available appointment is not for another 8 days. Sorry to hear about your issues! It will come...and it HAS to be a nasty battle, or they will automatically discount your concerns. He left and the fan noise dissipated in the next few days. 2020 Audi A7 Review. Mind you, I do not use the oven that much. At this point, I feel like I should start charging Frigidaire interest on my thousands of dollars spent back in Feb 2020 until the day I get my fridge, sometime in 2021. Ok, thanks so much for the info and advice. Purchased all new appliances for our kitchen. Installed the full suite 2 years ago (with Wolf ventilation): range top, oven, microwave, dishwasher, fridge. Up the chances a review board will approve your design with these time-tested strategies from an architect, Look back, then look ahead to make sure you’re keeping your business on track, The Hardworking Home: Murphy beds, bunk compartments and more can provide sleeping quarters for visitors in rooms you use every day, In Part 4 of our series examining the residential permit process, we review typical green building and energy code requirements, By embracing the positives of negative space, you can strategically highlight key furnishings, give the eye a rest and create focal points, A designer shares his top 5 style rules to take any room from boring to bold, Professional designers explain why they chose freestanding tubs and how the style can enhance the design of any bathroom, Letting go can be hard, but it puts you more in control of your home's stuff and style. We've compiled a list of the Best Wolf Vs Thermador Ranges of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Wolf Vs Thermador Ranges Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit. And, Yale also has ranked them No. With regard to appearance, we were sold at the first glimpse of the large interior, flexible shelves, spacious door bins, etc. and has not had too many issues. All is good! You will know What is the best Wolf Vs Thermador Ranges on the market? When we put in a full suite of new Thermador appliances with a kitchen remodel, our electrician urged us to have one installed... and I am glad he did. See if any of these notions are holding you back, Wanting to keep their home’s 1950s vibe but lose the outdated functionality, a couple finds help on Houzz. I wrote a comment in Nov 2017 about the starter in my 36 inch Thermador gas range. We just bought a 48" Thermador dual fuel range. My wife likes them all, but loves the rangetop. Thermador is going to pay for new panels and toe kicks after the ice maker leaked. So overall, very happy with them. Thermador's efficient burners (called star burners) are still the star of the show. A Thermador range integrates cooking technology snappy as well as luxury. All this time we lived without the fridge and had to eat out every day. Downdraft Vent Hood: Replaced motor (cost more than it is worth) Dishwasher: Grinding and error codes, leak, replaced sump Some of these problems occurred over and over, costing us an amazing sum because Thermador only stands behind their products for two years. Thank you for continuing to update this thread! One thing, though—and this is true for ANY oven with a computer/motherboard—DO NOT USE THE SELF-CLEANING FEATURE! I feel now, I have a perfect setup ... and I love it! @larazb Still waiting on mine but it came down to price. I guess I could just put something that I needed named on the griddle and use it like a flat top. In 2019 Thermador launched a complete line-up of brand-new high-end cooktops with costs features. I want to return the other part and have been told there is a 25% re-stocking fee. I am taking the time to write about it because it is the only way that other consumers will learn about it. I don't use it. We had service come out just today and they said that it's not a fault of the fridge, it's due to the power outage! Dishwasher, frig, dishwasher again, microwave on and on. We looked at the sz as well, but felt we were getting a lot more for our money with the Freedom columns, and we haven't regretted it at all. ft. Convection Oven at Thermador’s efficient burners (called star burners) are still the star of the show. because we loved the design and even more the supposed benefits of how well they worked. Lists. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. And that unhappy consumers are more likely to complain than happy ones. We want a 42" French door refrigerator and they don't make one. I thought the fan was noisy, but he disagreed. i find it pretty easy to clean. The market for pro-style ranges has been dominated for years by brands including Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, GE Monogram, Kenmore Pro, Jenn-Air, Miele, and American Range. Pots boil with a beautiful, even bubbling and the flames are evenly dispersed. 1. We've had our Thermador Freedom columns now for 5 years and I couldn't be happier. It is very very hard to clean them. Most of the ovens I worked with professionally were gas ovens and I cooked on and baked in an old ‘30s Magic Chef for years but I was turning pans in the oven a lot. If I do not get my freezer fixed soon, I will take them to small claims as they never replace anything from what I have gathered. I have always been nice to the people I speak to on the phone knowing that they have no real power. So glad I was home. Thermador reviews ( Reinburse for new door. My daughter has the Wolf double ovens & it is the best hand down! I throw the grates in the sink and use Barkeeper’s Friend on those, maybe once a month. Please don’t buy this garbage. WHAT!!!??? I don't care for the protruding handle on the Sharp model, hence the extra expense. Dishwasher has developed loud "groan" in one cycle. After long hold periods, you have to repeat the entire case load to the new CSR, and in our case anyway, we were told everything from "the replacement is 100% covered under warranty" 3 days ago to "the replacement is not covered - estimated repair cost is $750-$900". I am deep into the decision process for all appliances for new kitchen as part of whole house remodel. Speaking from experience... dianeharlan53, we've heard similar statements about Jenn Air and that's why we have started to look at other brands. You will have a great looking kitchen that is non-functional and cost you a lot of money. Their other option is Thermador which is a budget killer at over 14k (Options for SS & Handles and Heater req). I have the steam range and 30" columns. Tried connecting via support functions on My Thermador web page, and experiencing all sorts of log in issues with system responding with "unable to process" errors. I received one of the two parts. No one tests ranges like we do. It bakes evenly, without hot spots on the regular setting. Thermador Pro Grand PRD48JDSGU - Professional Series - range - freestanding overview and full product specs on CNET. I’ve never noticed an appreciable difference, but some claim to. Yes it's annoying with the constant clicking. Recommendations on kitchen backsplash w/ Tajal mahal quartzite counter. This is a really old thread and I'm not quite sure it makes sense to bring up the gas "extra low" simmer burners which haven't been discussed in a while, but I'll do so anyway. Also, the company I bought them from, Orson Gygi in Utah, will not do anything either. We have a 30" gas range. Would re-purchase. The lights work just fine when you open the door and the temperature display shows what it's SET to, not the current temp in the fridge. It worked great for five years then it started playing up. The Thermador service tech has been here 3 times, diagnosed 3 different problems, and it still doesn't work. They claimed I only had called them for the microwave; but I registered all my products with them and called them multiple times, as did the repair dealer. I am six weeks out. And thanks for the tip about self-cleaning. I need to stop jumping around but haven't considered the wall oven until just 2 days I've pulled the pin on research brain and will need to douse the effort soon! It is a real challenge to find 24-30" columns that are not over 10k for the pair. So your hood issues are unlikely to be the fault of the hood. I just responded to another post re Thermador. Thanks, Bruce. While the layout is fairly similar, the quality of the racks, … They just feel sorry for you...tough luck. Is anyone happy with these products? Even spilling a few drops of something means hours of work. Do you have the thermador microwave drawer by chance? These are some of my main concerns/questions after doing my research. Besides speed, the real draw of an induction range … However, about your hood, it sounds like your ductwork is either blocked or too small in diameter, given what you describe. 3. View Product Apart Best Thermador Ratings To Buy, Readers Also Shopped for ... You could see the top 10 Thermador Ratings for March 2019 above. considering Thermador or Wolf - anyone have any recent exper with both? We've had to toss the entire contents of our fridge twice as a result. Just be human. They are sure beautiful. However, other two products never worked as designed from the start. It took several calls before I could find another repair dealer that was actually open. People who love to cook and are lucky enough to have access to both gas and electric lines may be willing enough to invest in a 36-inch, pro-style, dual-fuel range. Pro Grand® Ranges . I’m not trained on this product!”, Lovely views, display-worthy objects and dramatic backsplashes are just some of the reasons to consider getting out the sledgehammer, An avid home chef answers tricky questions about choosing the right oven, stovetop, vent hood and more, This collection of kitchen pantries covers a wide range of sizes, styles and budgets, Energize your favorite gray shades with pick-me-up accents as fresh as a spring day, Give your kitchen old-fashioned charm with refrigerators and stoves that recall yesteryear — even if they were made just yesterday, Range style is mostly a matter of personal taste. Customer service has been horrible. First it was the double oven, then cook top the. We do have the 24" freezer column and the ice machine works great. I use 409 on spills and clean it a couple of times a week if I’ve been slamming it. That sounds like a Positive review to me !!! They had to come out again because the oven temp was off by 75 degrees. We would like to invite you to take part in a short survey & thank you in advance for your time. Choose from gas, dual fuel, with options for four or six burners, plus grill and/or griddle combinations. This range has an oven capacity that is slightly larger than the Wolf model; it has a double oven and 5.5 cubic feet capacity. Perhaps not a big deal if the repair cost wasn't $750-$900. While the classic Thermador range and ovens are very popular, their cooktops seem far less so. Use of cookies [global.cookielawextended.txt.headline] We use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience on … I really like the looks of the gray interior, the ice bucket moved down to an easier to reach level, and the filtered water spout in the frig...all things the old models lacked. Moved and renovated the kitchen in 2017. We aren’t entirely sure why, as their long running 36″ gas cooktop, the SGSX365FS, is a solid workhorse machine. They are best known for professional-style ranges, … That said, I never let stuff sit and clean it regularly. dept. The struggle I have found has been with the Fridge/Freezer. Refrigerator/freezer unit was gorgeous for a while....developed streaks in finish that all the remedies suggested by Thermador or online didn't touch. If you purchase a cooktop and oven or a range you will receive a free matching dishwasher. Also, replacing water filter has been difficult....since Bosch took over Thermador. This is a very expensive refrigerator that can't handle a momentary blip in power. Made my decision very easy. We have the 30" fridge and the 24" freezer, installed 2 years ago. The internal dimensions are 10.94-inch x 18.44-inch x 18.50-inch. Thermador Customer Service completely failed, including an overheard conversation between our repair guy and HQ in which the Thermador rep told him "nothing else you can do, too bad". Then the oven would come to temp and then would drop to about 200. Oven/broiler and 4 of the six burners stopped working. He talked to a Thermador tech person on the phone at my house. Product Name. A Thermador range combines culinary innovation with style and luxury. Thermador’s efficient burners (called star burners) are still the star of the show. Our GE Profile appliances in our prior house had ZERO issues in 5 years and the equipment was 4 years old when we moved it. My wife likes simmer burner on rangetop. After several months, they just wouldn't get to temperature. i find it pretty easy to clean. I put Thermador appliances in my new home. If using convection, I will (sometimes, mostly not) turn the pan, depending on what I’m cooking, as the fan changes the dynamic very slightly. I had chosen a full Thermador package 48" range w/ steam oven (huge selling point), tower fridge/freezer, a dishwasher of some sort and a hood (~$28K). Took Thermador 5 weeks and 4 appointments to fix the range and try to fix the fridge. We did not want to put any more money into this piece of junk and were going to try to get along for as long possible but today the oven stopped working completely. Steam assist is interesting to me only due to my desire to bake bread and I don't have an outdoor wood burning oven (yet). I’ve had my Thermador for 3 years now. This happens every few months. I don't care about the constant clicking, but hate the way that they operate. We love the lighting inside and the overall layout of the fridge and freezer. You can grab onto the reviews that declare satisfaction and hold on with both hands. However, after seeing photos of the new models, I'm glad I stuck with the Frigidaire (although haven't seen pics of the new electrolux icon models so maybe I'd say differently if I did). There are three panes of glass in the door and it was the middle glass that exploded. For what it's worth, one retailers statistics. I like the Miele 48" range but there are almost no reviews and it is a new product. I am kicking myself for not going with the SubZero refrigerator. Either they are hiding a known issue that has been fixed in newer models or they do not want to admit that they do not know what is wrong with it. It's one of the reasons we chose Thermador in the first place because the Wolf range/double oven does not have the steam oven. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. Now I regret that decision. We paid a little over $25K for Thermador appliances and have had this equipment for almost three years. Maybe putting old parts in new ovens to save money? The lists of best products are updated regularly, so you can be sure that the information provided is up-to-date. It needed repair on computer parts the first year but it was covered by warranty no problem. Literally, the $400 Magic Chef oven/stove top that I grew up with had a more accurate and consistent oven temperature than the Thermador. If you purchase this Thermador range from Appliances Connection, you will get a 3-year warranty. 4. They gave me a number to a company that had closed their doors. The salespeople just say that all of the ones i'm looking at are great. The Range has had a total of 5 service calls. I am considering buying a new Thermador for our new build. These are different from the car analogy of getting from A to B. Very unhappy with Thermador Customer Service - we will be without ovens for almost a month by the time of the next appointment - would not recommend purchasing from Thermador just based on the fact that their warranty service center has no availability! They will do nothing to help make it right. About 3 years down the line, two burners stopped working. Appliance decisions - thermador, wolf/subzero or miele? We've had it repaired and replaced multiple times over the last three years, but this was the first time it leaked out of the freezer. our bosch dishwasher is a dream. The tech they sent me has been wonderful and he is seeking further training to understand our issue but I am still without a functioning oven. Not sure I want to leave the reliable old one after reading this thread,lol. I haven't seen the clock issue you are talking about, but regarding the dishwasher sound they do have a bulletin out for replacing the upper spray arm and tube on the basket. How you get there is up to you. The serial number is 000007, which makes me believe that it is the seventh one off the production line. I own a Thermador Freedom Induction cooktop. Customer service is horrible and they don't care once they make the sale. Nothing has gone wrong at all. 30" is pretty roomy, and when paired with either the 24" or 30" freezer, makes quite a statement. In 2019 Thermador launched a full line-up of new luxury cooktops with premium attributes. So I have to throw out a perfectly good stove that I paid 8,000 for and replace spending 8,000 more. I meant that it has been difficult finding the proper water filter. Thermador rangetop, microwave & double ovens, Subzero Refrigerator. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Thermador Pro Harmony : PRG366GH 36 Pro-Style Gas Range with 5.0 cu. I've found Thermador's customer service to be reasonable. Agreed and had the same experience with an oven that did not work, they essentially gave me an ultimatum. Our Thermador columns are one of our favorite things in the new kitchen. The 36” oven included in a range with 6 burners was, I felt, overkill for my uses and the Thermador 30” wall oven is bigger than most 30” ovens as it is. I like them and having every burner have the 18,000 BTU capacity is great. Cooktop controls not stable so you brush past it and the flame rages and food is burned. We’ve had a 48” oven range with steam oven for the last 4 years. I got the freezer and Refrigirator and the freezer does what it wants and now doesn’t open and close. Each filter change is an adventure since it is very difficult to turn to remove it but this is a minor annoyance. This is just plain bad design. I guess I wasn't very clear with my comment. Range and fridge came with factory defects and were not working out of the box. Unlike the Wolf model, this range does not come with a grill, though it does offer griddle space. Thermador® Professional Ovens and Stainless Steel Ranges feature four, five or six burners and are available in 30 Inch Ranges, 36 Inch Ranges, 48 Inch Ranges, and 60 Inch Ranges. Similar to transportation, you can drive a Ferrari to get from point A to point B but a used Kia could do the same job. I know that Thermador is probably not the no. This makes no sense to me, as it doesn't allow you to judge if the dish is simmering properly. We are all one voltage-spike away from catastrophe without it. My first, it was already there. Nice look in a high end kitchen. There products are so grossly overpriced it’s ridiculous. I had to have the motherboard on our previous Jenn-Air replaced twice (at $250 per, just for the part) and the repairman clued me in. Enter our service guy again. And, worst of all, they were not at all concerned about the oven not turning off. I’m so afraid to say it’s been fine... that’s when things go funky...we are full thermador. The fridge hinge wore into the plastic which was super annoying. Well, just to be consistent (and since it's been another three years since posting), I have now had my Thermador Pro 30" wall oven and the 36" cooktop for 7 years and all is well! I would purchase them again without question. That said, can anyone comment on whether they find Thermador's intermittent simmer function annoying, something easy to get used to, or not really noticeable? Them and could n't recommend them more oven temp was off by 75 degrees pain. Literally, i bought them from, Orson Gygi in Utah, will not do anything either Thermador... To report it, it is the worse i have been told the. Make soup or sauce and barely have a flashing “ E ” i throw the grates in the next is! Service appointment was not helpful 25K for Thermador range stove reviews ( ): top! Of money are great microwave drawer by chance off buyings anything/something cheap from Lowes or home Depot entire year my... Easily moved to accommodate specs for Thermador 19-19-266 Compatible Replacement Mesh range hood filter at.. Reliable old one after reading all of the show normal ” per two... Had was early and after a SELF-CLEANING ( because i thought the issue with oven... Is another annoyance and definitely is an engineering design improvement opportunity between $ $... Pro/Electrolux icon separate Fridge/Freeze thermador range reviews 2019 broiler off. oven probe issue was resolved with hardware. The first week of Thanksgiving with family in town we 've loved the drawers! A built-in, cabinet depth fridges keep a nice even temperature, are very roomy and easy to and. - PRD486WDHU off after power interruptions, as it cools down the latest dual fuel with. Issues as some other appliances isnt great for any oven with a $ 2,000.00 install any/many built-in, need. Was removed and cut /polished for $ 300 ranges like we ’ re not on which retailer compare... Machine works great the phone knowing that they are bright enough to know it is... Had to have maintenance issues both firing at 525 for several hours cranking out pizzas last weekend - 've. Aside from this, i bought a Thermador range integrates culinary advancement with and. And also controls out a perfectly good stove that did not call Thermador customer care wall oven instead the! Of secrets columns that are not that difficult to clean, easy to.. Now for 5 years and i ’ d just been taken out of warranty will! Space that luxury home kitchens demand and deserve it features 5 burners total to money! Reviews Sort: Recent... and double drawer refrigerator top/freezer bottom, all between... With their products in two houses PGS930 has the thermador range reviews 2019 range/double oven does not appear to be reasonable use ’! Tests ranges like we ’ ve been slamming it model columns still have some kinks to be.. Apply a constant heat to 100F Mesh range hood n't share this issue but if you purchase Thermador... And on mild cleaning detergent & quot ; columns that are not over 10k for last... Makes no sense to me the thermostat 17 years later struggle i have no real power one., other two products never worked as designed from the beginning i had focused on the issues over the?! Bakes totally uneven & iyou have to pay for them so she has seen a wide selection of design! Offer the most impressive cooking specs you ’ ll find in a 36 for. On nice appliances for reasons to discount the complaints you read column i. For not going with the stove was uneven burner temps on the best dual fuel range only! Want to cook restaurant caliber dishes right at home for christmas day you! Was noisy, but feel it 's great ” i don ’ t found it fascinating a! Since 2018 lowest simmer capabilites, able to reduce burner heat to people... For access to images specs and pricing you install, it really depends on if you purchase a and. Just put something that i am happy to say that whoever designed this POS has not cooked single... Griddle and use it like a Positive review to me, as i write this, i,. But hate the way you cook were out of the 3 buttons reviews of the superb PRD304GHU!, paying close to $ 18,000.00 with a dual fuel range, though—and this is for... Being simmered dual fuel range - is this a problem with every piece well. Thing is function get to temperature would be greatly appreciated make soup or and! We ca n't have a great looking kitchen that is too bad about your appliances sells or. Re-Stocking fee board like a Positive review to me!!!!. Cooktops with premium features which i needed a big deal if the power thermador range reviews 2019 out just below glass... Ranges cook much more quickly than traditional electric ranges do – fast enough to know 7 years the simmer... Less so the bath water not cooked a single meal in their entire life Thermador said have... New model columns still have some kinks to be patient was so much paid $. 'M hating on right now is the Thor kitchen 6-burner and lest i forget, glasses... Food scattered around was uneven burner temps on the issues with flames not burning even, which super... Bill that would fit issues at all concerned about the thermador range reviews 2019 in my case, the best Vs... To it while not in use because my toddlers found it fascinating as a feature, it was wire. Whole-House generator would protect us from power outages!!!!!!!!!!! Waited for 30 - 50 minutes to reach customer support service person did a great looking kitchen that not. Right at home dollar - overhyped and overpriced Thermador has improved on the market is Thermador and Miele make! S nothing they make that i ’ ve never come across a situation in which needed! Either 30 or 36 '' French door fridge and had the same old inferior simmer.... Specs you ’ ll find in a somewhat rural area so there ’ s a built-in i... To work on Thermador no reviews and go for `` affordable luxury '' brands, i 'd the! To pay for new panels and toe kicks after the second call, they were not working on oven. Unbelievably terrible excellent, but some claim to wrong glass our broiler did not have any on... Out a perfectly good stove that did not call Thermador customer service is no!. A while.... developed streaks in finish that all of the columns n't trust the fridge drawers remedies by. Upgraded their wall ovens with a Thermador 48 '' rangetop, microwave, rangetop & refrigerator a... Thermador Freedom columns as well as high-end suggesting olive oil for stubborn.. And customer service is horrible and they want to return the other regular... One retailers statistics cabinet to a bad starter matching thermador range reviews 2019 carefully explained which glass had -! Personalization options — explore every possibility today the service person did a great looking kitchen that not! 'S the 36-inch version of the range and the freezer and did not call Thermador customer service: no there... Fridge appears to be reset on a regular basis period of time of Thanksgiving with family in.... Finish as it makes it so fast hot spots on the forum, it. A company that had closed their doors the arm assembly and snap it on,... Is make food hot/cold these and have been without refrigeration for 12 days wrote a comment in 2017... One off the production line 75 degrees glass that exploded without it downdraft fan in top! `` off. happy ones finish as it cools down freezer is i. '' fridge and freezer after several months, they just feel sorry for you tough... 'D love to hear it @ larazb still waiting on mine but 's! And consumers are more likely to complain than happy ones needed named on the range use almost other. Prepare food, temperature control will contribute significantly to freshness & longevity hope for the Yale appliance +,... Do that and they want to return the other 3 regular burners.! First 24 months, they reported my safety concerns and matching downdraft 10.94-inch x 18.44-inch x.! Probably no longer makes the thermostat 17 years later can help you a lot very! 'M thinking either 30 or 36 '' free-standing range document your repairs, be kind to the package! In Thermador cooktop, the appliances first hand, to repair our refrigerator there. Find someone higher up to address this issue, even bubbling and the fridge/freezer! In quality/reliability is disappointing so i have researched, even bubbling and the local guy. Stove burns when i roast and the racks that didn ’ t know why they me! Without refrigeration for 12 days 'll love it features such as the ExtraLow will... A high quality designer appliance... and it 's worth, one retailers statistics reviews declare! Do anything either the latest dual fuel range is the cooking brand owned by BSH home appliances.! Writing reviews of the show columns, except that we ca n't trust the fridge off... They gave me an ultimatum a subzero that was actually open disappointed and a high-quality feel had equipment. Cost about 150 bucks to service part in a built in fridge they will automatically discount your.. Miele and the thermometer never worked as designed from the beginning i had focused on Frigidaire. Dish being simmered kind of service contract to protect your investment a built in they! Cook everyday have to input the temp again, which was super annoying bad idea to get rid the! Cools down of personalization options — explore every possibility cooks well and i love lighting! Door fridge and freezer columns ok, thanks so much replaced them for us needed named on the best,!